"Without the , I would not have been able to try my hands at this and give you this presentation. So if you want to try or see what other people are doing with it, the next meetup is January 22nd".

Thank you Wojciech.


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First of the year tonight in . 40 people have registered so far. So it looks like It's going to be crowded.

You are still all welcome, of course. We might have to share the pizza. :)


Special edition of the this Wednesday. meetup.com/Hardware-Hack-Lab-B

We will have a presentations from our members, showing what they are working on.

This will also be the last meeting of the year.

And I posted this from this account, because I'm not crazy, this is not my personal machine. This is the computer running windows 10.

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walking back home after a good in and nowing there is another one about to start in .
Have fun New York!

Just received the kit, right on time for tonight in .
Join us to assemble and play around with this together.

Descubre este Meetup de Hardware Hack Lab BCN meetu.ps/e/Hp6Wg/c60pT/d

Last weekend, a colleague from worked with a member to build a game for 45.

You can try the game online here. It's called "God Mode"


was great. Couldn't have happened better. A great mix of people, tech, pizza and beer. It was really a pleasure to see the spontanuous collaborations.

There is a circulating around the office that was brought back from

I'm guessing you can compare this to an open hardware of some sort.


They plan to have it at the on Sept 18th, if you'd like to lay your hands on it.

Played around with Tilt Brush in at . Pretty impressive little piece of hardware. Really fluid and easy to get in and out of the device. So nice not to be attached to a computer also.


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