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Checking around our office for stuff that we could use to start a and I stumbled into this. Not what I expected, but it's a start.

This video about the was shot 4 years ago, but it's still the same uninterrupted experience every Wednesday in the office with @krahman, @amcwilli and now @ltran and @jcholder

One of the members of the brought a display tonight. And I must say I'm quite amazed. I was skeptical at first. Videos of the device don't render well, I think. But seeing it for real, it's quite bluffing. The 3D impression totally works. And coupled with a , makes it a fun interactive tool.

Playing with that image captured with an yesteday night at the . Here it is turned into a in order to simulate the effect.

Had the chance to play with the tonight at the . It's a weird feeling to see a display on a phone. Works kind of well.

Here is a pic of the labs' crowd with the device. The photo does not do justice to the device. But you get the idea.

Updating an at the . Anyone knows what kind of open source software one can run on this? Is still a thing?


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