Wants to Send You to Mars

/ apply to our on-site residency at Mars.college
- educational program, R&D Lab, and off-grid residential desert community.


I don't usually read or buy Wired magazine. But I bought this month's UK edition because of an article about Karen Palmer, former resident artist, featuring the project she developed during her residency.

I'm pleased to have been part of the team that helped her achieve this and that we landed a mention of that project in this famous pop tech magazine. :)

Hey , I'm on my way to join you for your Away Day. Anyone else here is going? Looking forward to talk stuff with you all.

Today, a new residency is starting in our San Francisco offices . It's first time the residency happens outside of NYC. It's also the first time you can follow the artists on .

@jamiezigelbaum and @max will use Mastodon as a tool to facilitate their creative process while Ollie Razdow, based in SF, will write software to piece it all together.

Follow them to be part of that experience.

A group of ThoughtWorkers in are starting a podcast in collaboration with a local public radio, .

For their second episode, they invited me to talk about , Scatter and the Volumetric residency in .


Presented at the in Porto Alegre, today. Great crowd with lots of interesting questions.

field trips in with a few colleagues.

First stop, befaco.org/en/

"The second world capital of DIY modular synth after Japan", according to one of the members.

Photo: @lnioi playing with some of their tools.

On behalf of , I'm pleased to announce that the residency in conjunction with scatter.nyc has been awarded to Rashin Fahandej to expand on her project A Father's Lullaby.


To anyone with a account, we'd appreciate if you could give us a boost by liking or sharing this open call for an arts residency in


Thx from the team.

, a global software consultancy with an arts residency based in is partnering with scatter.nyc/ and their groundbreaking volumetric video software to offer a funded artist residency focusing on volumetric technology.

Apply here: thoughtworksarts.io/open-call/

A little video render of a exports in and applying a camera movement around the object. Waving goodbye to my acting career.

Ok, I think I've got a pipeline in to make sense of the export video. There is room for improvement, but it's getting there.

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