Question on video call etiquette:

What should a smoker do when joining a video call and feel the urge to light a cigarette?

Or more on point: GitHub is building an AirTable clone just to manage issues.

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Google Suite 

- Google Chat: Hey Look, I can open Google Docs in the chat app. See, now you have side by side your chat and the doc opened.
- Me: fine. Could be interesting to use.
- Google Chat: Oh wait, there are comments in the doc. We can't show them to you. You need to open the doc in a different tab.
- .Me: ...

👉"Given that 10hrs of flying can add a metric ton of carbon to the atmosphere... experts generally agree that reducing carbon emissions in the first place is better than retroactively offsetting them."
#NetZero #Offsets #STAYGROUNDED🙅‍♀️

@frankiezafe Which Apple device costs only $700? I don't think Airpods count as an Apple Device ;)

@frankiezafe Last time I checked it was $50/y (but who cares) and you need to be in possession of an Apple device.

The second requirement is the worst tbh.

@frankiezafe It’s a fast process. The devs sign the apps.

I tried to get this signing rights for Polymorph stuff. But the process to get AppleDevID and all was too cumbersome and expensive.

I did not want to pay the fees and all.

@a You can’t get the signing key if you don’t register as an AppleDev which costs money (yearly fee + Apple device)

And for a FLOSS defender, I find you pretty cool with the idea that Apple gets to decide which FLOSS software is worth for an individual to use or not. And overall if the FLOSS ecosystem looses some feathers along the way, that’s just natural selection. Right?

Right. I misrepresented the signing and certifying process. My apologies.

Though if it’s so simple and not a threat to FLOSS, why do so many FLOSS don’t do this?

Of course, big FLOSS brands are not the ones we are talking about here. I’m talking about the millions of indie software projects. The long tail of FLOSS if you wish.

That one is under threat. @celia

@a I complain that only signed (floss) apps work out of the box. Else the user needs to "jump through hoops" to get it running.

Your proposition is: sign the app already or jump through hoops.



@ted We’re deviating here. I can run almost any piece of software on a FOSS built system without it complaining about certificates or preventing me from shooting myself in the foot.

You’re talking about signing software only.

It’s not easy. Whatever the system. And with Apple, it’s freaking expensive. Oh. Interesting. If you remove from the computer, you remove the issues with unsigned binaries on MacOS. Clever.

@ted I tried signing some software for distribution. And It’s freaking complicated. Not the signing part. The whole thing before that requires and AppleID, an AppleDeveloperID, an Apple device to be able to get an AppleDeveloperID, a credit card to pay whatever AppleDeveloper fee they want every year. I stopped at step 25 If I remember correctly. And signing keys were not even in sight.

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