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@judeswae according to this page that's only true for unsigned apps that check their own integrity. Not for regular unsigned apps.

I haven't been running Macos since Snow Leopard, but unless that's changed recently I can vouch for their support page to be correct.

@fedops Thx for the clarification. I don’t know if the app I’m using is self-checking its integrity. The app is

Within the eco-system, software is doomed.

Unless your binaries are signed and certified by $APPL, Mac users will have to jump hoops to get it running on their system.

On top of that, if your software accepts incoming connections from the outside, you’ll have to tell the to authorize connection, every time you run the software. E.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. (Unless you disable that firewall)

just released the Responsible tech playbook. Check it out.

"The Responsible tech playbook is a collection of tools, methods, and frameworks that help you to assess, model and mitigate values and risks of the software you are creating with a special emphasis on the impact of your work on the individual and society."

what is the strongest drive in your daily work?

What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)? - Nicky Case:

Another reason for RSS "dying" to note: Chrome never, until now, supported it. And when Chrome didn't suffer for that, other browsers also dropped their support for it.

The Linux Foundation are carrying out a survey on "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source", and I know this is something #foss #freesoftware and #opensource people (and opponents thereof!) on the Fedi have opinions on. So please boost and fill in.

Contributing to an evidence base may be a way of highlighting the problems and shaming people with money into doing something about them.

Do you want to work full time redecentralizing the internet and FIX EVERYTHING?

The Internet Archive is hiring! #dweb

We’re looking for a Senior in .

Here is the advert:

Happy to have a chat with you if you have any questions or would like to know what it is to work at

@njoseph_1 I never used GWave. Just saw the demo. I think 10-ish years later, they seem to be getting us there. The problem with GWave was the interface. And from what I can tell from this screenshot, they haven’t solved it.

All the young brands like Notion and similar are doing a better job at it, imho.

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