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hey all, here's a new computer thing I made! it's called the Nonsense Laboratory, and it's a series of weird little tools for manipulating the spelling and sound of words with machine learning:

it's part of a series of projects launched yesterday showing the outcomes of the Artists + Machine Intelligence grant program, which you can learn more about here:

The new digital currency is not or or whatever-crypto you like, it’s carbon. Everything is or will be measured in carbon units and most businesses will be measured against that.

Try opening a Microsoft e-book. It breaks because they closed the DRM servers.

The books stopped working.

PS3? Wii? Same story.

The only way to get the same freedom and privacy with digital media we had with physical media, is piracy.

We got scammed.

Want to do chaos engineering while working from home? Hire some construction workers to refurbish your apartment. Garanteed power cuts, random background noises to disrupt video calls and internet shutdowns without warnings.

mastodon dev considering to switch away from 'toot' because it is not serious enough.

Quite some interesting back and forth 🍿 for example the fact that the origin of toot lies in that eugen got challenged by hbomberguy to use it in return for patreon support lol

Although I always found it a slightly cringey word, I do think it adds much to the culture, lore and attitude of the project. I honestly think the slight cringe is way nicer than going the route of generic-acceptable-open-source-aesthetic like NC, Mattermost etc which are just so profoundly bland and un-fun? Would be sad if Mastodon becoming enterprise ready means it loses its own (visual) language.

Queer Connections by Faith Holland looks at the anthropomorphized interaction of technology with itself in the forms of photography and sculpture. The project plays with the ‘male/female’ nomenclature of wire ends by creating daisy chains of wires that are not meant to be connected. The connections are solidified by nail polish, making each connection both messy and feminized.

#queer #tech #art

rant gmail 

No, , I don't want to do chats and video calls, when I'm looking at my emails. Can I have a "Cancel", "Delete" or "Refuse" button. Thank you.

Imaging a programming language type system that distinguished between floats with different precision, e.g. 0.1 couldn't be mixed with 0.100 without explicit conversion. Maybe some older languages do that?

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