I'm having problems getting the android app to work using auth. I can sign in OK, but once I'm signed in I get the mastodon UI in a window with a big "<-" arrow at the top, like it's stuck in the process somehow.
And when I load tusky again it's forgotten the login and I have to do the SAML dance from scratch.

I'm looking at because I want a client that handles multiple instances at once, and it seems the official one can't do that. Be happy for other suggestions as long as they do multiple instances, and

@ksietsma zomg Elon would call ya a bot farmer and ask for your ID as proof (kiddin...or not)

@ksietsma Yeah. It can be tricky. The way I've approached this is by telling Tusky to use an external browser instead of my choice instead of the internal Android browser. Thus the process happens in two steps, I ask once via Tusky to connect to this instance and go through the SSO login ( and endup on Masto web app). Then close Tusky and open again and connect to the same instance, but this time the browser remembers I logged in and I can pair the app with the instance. Makes sense?

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