So glad for the Australian election result - not just for the Aussies, and the climate, but also for the message it might send to other countries - we can fight against the apparently inexorable creep to the right.

On the positive side I've worked out how to have multiple accounts in the official app, and how to browse local timelines, so maybe it will suffice for now.

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Newly repaired phone means re-trying all the apps. Fedilab and Tusky both fail to auth with Official android app works, but only by logging in twice.

Now also @korny - not sure if I'll just keep both going, or retire one or the other; depends a bit on how much pain I keep getting with SAML auth on apps on my phone

@ckluente @mheiber @judeswae maybe it's just me? Or using an old-ish Pixel 2? My normal phone (Fairphone 3+) is being fixed, possibly my old phone has some bit-rot somewhere

I solved today's (#22) in 33 guesses with an accuracy of 39.39%. Played at
(I won't always post these but was particularly lucky today)

@mheiber @judeswae I'm going to raise a ticket with them as well, when I'm not doing parenting duties!

@mheiber @judeswae having exactly the same problem with - loads OK in a browser panel but the app doesn't seem to recognise the sign on worked. When I reload the app it doesn't remember the previous auth attempt.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

@ZiGraves Iain M Banks had a lot of gender fluidity in his Culture novels - technology allowed people to change gender pretty well at whim. No mention of anyone being nonbinary that I recall though.

As one of the main Mastodon developers, I can't promise you that Mastodon will be a complete and exact Twitter replacement for you, but it may fit your use-cases, at least it does for me.

Just keep in mind that it is not exactly the same thing, some core design decisions are different (there isn't an unique centrally-governed website, but many interconnected servers operated by different individuals and organizations) and thus the tradeoffs can be different as well.

While I personally don't think Mastodon should aim at being an exact replacement to Twitter, I do hope Mastodon can be useful to more people wanting an alternative to Twitter! And I know there are lots of room for improvement, on things we do know, and on things we don't.

Also keep in mind that Mastodon is developed by only two core developers payed through a non-profit funded through sponsorship, grants and donations, so please be patient!

@judeswae @mheiber Official app works fine, SAML login all good. I can't remember precisely how it looked, I think it just gave me the Okta login prompt and then returned to the main app screen

uk pol 

Yesterday, the UK government has criminalised the culture and practices of Gypsy Roma Traveller people living in this country.

All of us who are members of groups that have faced past or present attempts at government annihilation should stand together as allies. An attack on the GRT community is an attack on all of us.

@judeswae nope, nothing unusual that I know of. I have raised an issue, they are asking for how to test SAML! :)
Not sure if you or @mheiber can help them?

@judeswae hmm, I can't seem to specify an external browser in current (17.0) - under "browser" I only have "use chrome custom tabs" which makes no difference.
Going to give up and try other apps I think, I probably should raise an issue with Tusky also.

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