@darnell @pre You know what I think is crazy, but awesome? How individuals folks are like, "You know what? I want to build something so I'm just going to make it happen." And they do it. I've been talking to a whole lot of devs like @dansup, @thatonecalculator, and @Are0h and they're doing more than a billionaire with paid staff at his disposal.

I only just realised that mastodon has custom emojis, must be why everyone's started joining :blobcatrainbow: :kirby_happy: :blobhearteyesa: :tw:

For those who are overthinkers like me.

You're not alone 🫂

We need to learn to relax in different situations.

There have been great societies that didn't use the wheel, but there've been no societies that did not tell stories. - Ursula K. Le Guin

Moving drapes at bump in is easily the most relaxing part of a show as there's no way to speed up the process.
#theatre #backstage

im so glad to see familiar faces here, mostly from pillowfort!!

This is my #oc Saffron and his cafe! I love drawing these top view of things uvu

#art #MastoArt #illustration #plants

For any fans out there, Kruggsmash's latest video on "Delve" a solo map drawing game is a must watch

Stage crew lifting a bed onto another piece of set so there's space in the wings.

When watching a show, have you even wondered where the set goes once it goes off stage? In professional shows you'll have automation and winches that can pull things out of the way, in community theatre it's usually lots of crew and lots of work that get the set to it's inconvenient home.

Mamma Mia - Packemin Productions 2022
#theatre #backstage #riversidetheatre #packeminproductions

Any Senior or Lead Experience interested to work for ? Jump in my DMs and let's talk. I can tell you more what you can expect from working with us and what we are looking for.

One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

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