Let's achieve critical mass in this fediverse before Zucks's metaverse profits a penny and Elon's TWTR collapses. It will be easy!

Back to toot after a while. What a breath of fresh air.

Thanks @judeswae for inviting me back!

Context: after I logged it to both Twitter and Mastodon, and a list of my twitter contacts was shown. When I clicked a green button to follow all my contacts in Mastodon, that error occurred.

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I am super excited about Mastodon!!!

I tried to follow my Twitter friends here, but I am getting the error at the URL shown below.
I assume that app, bridge.joinmastodon.org is not managed by TW, so I am reaching out to the community here to know if you've seen this error, and how to report it.

I love the idea of Mastodon! Thank you very much to all who created it and made it available to everyone at ThoughtWorks. It will be great to see federated apps replace the centralised social networks!


A Mastodon instance running on Thoughtworks infrastructure for its employees to interact with the Fediverse.