The computer: Your disk is full.

Me: _asking the computer to see the hard drive meta data_

The computer: 26.54Go free space left of 250Go

Me: :blobrollingeyes:


@judeswae I guess 'fullness' on a computer disk (just like time and guilt due to procrastination) is relative

@judeswae thanks! Would I have remembered it was going to be my first (you know how it goes, I create the account then leave it there, sad and lonely for months) I would have gone with something like "wondering how this whole mastodon thing works" or something along that, but it's too late now.

@malvarez Haha. :) You can still make you first "public" toot. This one, unless someone visits you profile, only people who look for this particular conversation will see it.

A public post from you would appear in our public timeline, also called "Local timeline" here.
(I don't know if you are following :) )

@malvarez Another way to stay more "engaged" with Mastodon is to install an app on your phone to follow it.

Usually people like to do social stuff from mobile devices instead of desktops.

@judeswae aaaaaaand that's how you sell the existance of some product functionality to a user in a very subtle but effective way!

@malvarez Haha. Yeah. Been trying to refine the way one needs to learn about Mastodon. We have a lot of TWer that create an account but don't come back. The big question is how do we encourage them to come back :)

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