The computer: Your disk is full.

Me: _asking the computer to see the hard drive meta data_

The computer: 26.54Go free space left of 250Go

Me: :blobrollingeyes:

@judeswae I guess 'fullness' on a computer disk (just like time and guilt due to procrastination) is relative

@judeswae thanks! Would I have remembered it was going to be my first (you know how it goes, I create the account then leave it there, sad and lonely for months) I would have gone with something like "wondering how this whole mastodon thing works" or something along that, but it's too late now.

@malvarez Haha. :) You can still make you first "public" toot. This one, unless someone visits you profile, only people who look for this particular conversation will see it.

A public post from you would appear in our public timeline, also called "Local timeline" here.
(I don't know if you are following :) )


@judeswae aaaaaaand that's how you sell the existance of some product functionality to a user in a very subtle but effective way!

@malvarez Haha. Yeah. Been trying to refine the way one needs to learn about Mastodon. We have a lot of TWer that create an account but don't come back. The big question is how do we encourage them to come back :)

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