A Mastodon feature that I really like is muting with a timer. If someone is posting a lot from a conference that I'm less interested in, I can mute them for three days.


More lessons from Etsy's move to the cloud: Tim and Keyur discuss challenges, impact of pandemic, continuous improvement, and measuring cost and carbon usage.


Excellent post from @timbray on Mastodonia's dislike of algorithms

"So let’s stop saying “No algorithms!” because that’s just wrong, and figure out how to get nice algorithms built, ones that primarily are there to serve humanity’s best interests."


Tonight, I'll be on the @HeavyCardboard stream of Woodcraft, metaphorically chopping up dice and sticking them back together.

7pm Eastern Time

If you're a member of the Agile Alliance, and are looking for a smaller, more focused, Mastodon server, you may be interested in the one run by the Agile Alliance


Welcome to Agile Alliance Social! We’re providing this Mastodon server as a service for our members and request that all participants follow our Code of Conduct. To learn more, and join our non-profit organization dedicated to people and organizations that apply the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto, visit our website: agilealliance.org/

There was a terrible misunderstanding, and in an attempt to solve the four hardest problems in computer science (the other three are naming things and off-by-one errors), the cryptobros thought they'd nailed cash invalidation.

#sorry #notsorry

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Let's stream a game tonight, shall we? It's been a hot minute, but between a lengthy illness and a fire at the studio, we're back with an all-time classic!

The Great Zimbabwe at 1900 EDT.

We really hope to see y'all...we did really miss y'all!


“i've had some non-tech folks asking me about mastodon recently and whether they should sign up. many of you might be in the same boat tomorrow during thanksgiving.

my answer to them is no, i wouldn't sign up. not right now anyway. quick 🧵on why.”


The argument from @jbakcoleman@twitter.com is that space travel is complicated, while a social network is complex (terms many of my readers may know from Cynefin). Thus, a management style that works for one will not apply to the other.


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I was just reminded of "The New Methodology," @martinfowler's novella-length post from 15 years ago. Everybody whose ever used building construction as an analog to Agile needs to read every word. Same for the pro-estimate folks.


This is why, in my opinion, it's a mistake to codify things like coding standards in style-enforcers. They make it hard for productive deviations to succeed *over time* by showing their superior fitness. To change a style checker, you have to *argue about* it (instead of trying and seeing how it feels over time) and also make the change globally instead of in selected spots.

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Heading up to Vermont for Thanksgiving. It's a lovely state, unusual in many ways. It's rural but not right-wing, and has lots of pretty old buildings. Sadly the fall colors have all gone, but one year I did get some rather photogenic snow.

Last Thanksgiving we got a game of Concordia in, so I'm hoping for some pushing of cardboard. We're also looking forward to the Putney Craft Tour on Friday.

Exploring Mastodon: volunteer-run instances are great, but require more work from those volunteers than most people realize


Exploring Mastodon: volunteer-run instances are great, but require more work from those volunteers than most people realize


NEW § Tim and Keyur continue their experience of using the cloud to scale Etsy with the journeys of two teams: observability and ML infrastructure.


the hardest problem in computer science is identifying which Mastodon instance to join

+1 to @mmasnick's analysis. It's not so much whether the decisions are bad, but the terrible (lack of) process getting there. (The same point should apply to Mastodon mods.)


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