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Everyone, @ me or @judeswae if you have any questions, I'm happy to help where I can

The epitome of bro-culture .. "Is there something wrong with us and our culture? NO! It's the communication channels and tools that are wrong and responsible for this! TO THE PITCHFORKS!"


(Some people in Tech right now): No, but Microsoft has changed. It's really pro open source now. It's not the same company as before. People can change, you now.


It sucks that it's really hard for marginalized people to enter tech, and then once you get hired you realize half of your co-workers are complete buffoons who got hired because their name is Kevin

Hey Berlin! Eine Freundin hat ein Problem. Ihre Adresse ist in einer Naziakte aufgetaucht. Das lässt sich nicht rückgängig machen. Nazis können somit erfahren wo sie wohnt. Sie sucht eine neue Wohnung: 1200kalt, 3 Zimmer, möglichst gut an ÖPNV angebunden, Balkon. Kann wer helfen?

Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to #PeerTube's v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
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Welcome to @moritzheiber as a new contributors to Regolith Linux!

He's understanding Debian packaging very well as you can witness in this tooth:

Zoom plans to release and publicly discuss its draft to E2EE for their video conferencing software as soon as tomorrow:

Say what you will about Zoom, but that's a positive development and I'm looking forward to taking a look at what they've come up with

Which I couldn't make use of because I lack an appropriate license for Microsoft Teams ..

ThoughtWorks has a (very limited) license for Office365, which allows for my colleagues to download standalone client versions of Microsoft's Office suite .. it absolutely does not allow for using Teams in any shape or form.

I ended up having to forfeit my seat on the panel because I literally couldn't join it because of technical difficulties..

This is the 21st century .. 🙄

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So, yeah .. I was supposed to be on a panel at Microsoft Build today, speaking about Cloud Native Architecture.

Unfortunately, the software Microsoft is using for realizing Build this year, Microsoft Teams Live (not to be confused with Microsoft Teams) only runs on Windows or macOS (not Linux, not iOS, not Android).

So Microsoft literally had me pick up a Windows 10 Surface laptop at their local offices, so I could still participate.

The latest ThoughtWorks Technology Radar (volume 22) is here, created completely remote, with a few interesting topics .. and while I don't necessarily agree that Kubernetes is our new overlord this is my contribution:

Understanding platforms as products is absolutely quintessential for their success and I have literally not seen any other approach succeed in the wild.

If you want to play cloud provider you better have a compelling product.

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