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For those of us who have decided or will decide to move their account off this instance: it works ™️, however, you'll have to hit me up (privately) to "flip a switch" of sorts so you can use the "official" account moving feature. It only takes a minute, but for now it's necessary (working on a permanent fix, still!)

We're all very sad to see you leave, but also understand that it's a part of the nature of the fediverse to consider other parts of the world your home than our neck of the woods 😊

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Everyone, @ me or @judeswae if you have any questions, I'm happy to help where I can

Google Suite 

- Google Chat: Hey Look, I can open Google Docs in the chat app. See, now you have side by side your chat and the doc opened.
- Me: fine. Could be interesting to use.
- Google Chat: Oh wait, there are comments in the doc. We can't show them to you. You need to open the doc in a different tab.
- .Me: ...

How it started, how it’s going

Guess that’s one thing your local development environment (or container, or VM) would never really experience 🤷🤦

Bullshit recruiters say: “We need somebody who’s burning for our vision!”

Buddy, if you need folks to burn for your vision you’re using the wrong fuel..

Voight-Kampff tests are real

They call it AI now. They use it to test if you're a "good fit" as another drone in a soulless machine

Feeling like a real developer today... had the solution... and it worked! Code deployed successfully and I'm a happy bunny :)🐰

What? Google Chat doesn't have a "mark all messages as read" funtionality?!

Hell, even Slack has that .. :blobfacepalm:

Here is a good visual summary of why all those enterprise chat apps probably created more problems than they solved.

The fact that there is absolutely no way to turn all notifications truly off (you will always receive mentions. looking at you @all trigger keyword).

And that the "notify less" option has a checkbox to be notified more. 🙄

Nothing has given me more despair and disdain for technology than working in technology

Since I've been getting a few questions, we're waiting for the 3.3.1 release to run our upgrade;

Generally, we rarely jump on minor or major releases immediately and rather wait out the storm (i.e. until the first patch release)

you have to say "i'm in" whenever you ssh into a machine for the first time, it's the law

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