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xkcd’s take on free speech can’t be posted often enough, especially with regards to the hordes of man children, nazis and bigots on borblesite demanding for their instances to be “recognized” or listed officially..

Guess what? It’s not going to happen, because the community is showing you the virtual door.. 👋🖕

twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

@mheiber This has nothing to do with the right to speech (of which they spew plenty) and everything to do with their sense of entitlement to attention and a platform.

twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

@xuv on en parlait hier! :D

Man, 1945 was so 74 years ago. Give it a break with the whole nazis thing.

@licho If you honestly believe that nazis are a thing of the past you're caught in a very tight bubble

Pretty sure you're just tossing a pointless label on a modern demographic i.e broadly your political opponents regardless of country.

@licho How's your analogy at all relevant for what I posted or whether or not Nazis still exist?

I live in Germany, people here still call themselves Nazis, proud and loud, even 74 years after the end of Hitler's regime, and the same is happening all around the world, including - I know, shocking - on Twitter (which is what my post is referring to)

@licho Your relativism as well as your pointless analogies do not really help here

There is no analogy in my posts. :/
Nazi is just a word that has lost all of its sting, used and abused by sensationalists. Grammar nazi, "the US president is a nazi", and so forth.

@licho You literally posted an image mentioning a ridiculous analogy involving Nazis and the holocaust, which carries absolutely no relation to what I posted previously ..

And perceiving "Nazi" purely as a label is a position of privilege I cannot share unfortunately. I'm fighting and confronting Neo-Nazis in every-day life, and on social media, if I have to

It's a mockery of one of the many egregious uses of the word nazi with regards to detainment of illegals migrants. I think you might just be wasting your time with internet trolls or toppling over public trash cans.

@licho yup, I realize that now, which I why you’re getting a sweet spot on my blocklist..

Honestly, it’s exactly people like you that I’m just tired of fighting when the truly abhorrent idiots out there are going unchecked because you absolutely need to bolster your own ego

Who's the one in a very tight bubble now?

twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

@mheiber @amolith On the other hand, nobody ever changed someone else's mind by marginalizing them, isolating them, and ignoring them, either.

Christian Picciolini suggests an alternative approach (if you watch, it will be 20 minutes well spent):

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