For those of us who have decided or will decide to move their account off this instance: it works ™️, however, you'll have to hit me up (privately) to "flip a switch" of sorts so you can use the "official" account moving feature. It only takes a minute, but for now it's necessary (working on a permanent fix, still!)

We're all very sad to see you leave, but also understand that it's a part of the nature of the fediverse to consider other parts of the world your home than our neck of the woods 😊

@mheiber just to be clear, there's no new reason for us to do this for now... right? i didn't miss something

@egrasmed No, this was mainly for folks that either left ThoughtWorks and wanted to take their accounts with them or wanted to migrate away out of other reasons.

The instance isn't going anywhere 😊

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