my colleagues: *sobbing* You can’t just call everything Kubernetes!
me: *points at picture* Kubernetes

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The new water dispenser at our Cologne office has a "hibernation" mode and the relevant illustration is a cute cat having fallen asleep at night 😻

me: DevOps is good for your organization, your delivery and your culture
enterprise: We already do DevOps!
me: Oh cool, show me!

This is the door of one of our meeting rooms in our ThoughtWorks Berlin offices. The city just declared International Women’s Day (8th of March) a regional holiday..

If that isn’t some super wholesome shit I don’t know what is.. ☺️

The restrooms in the ThoughtWorks Berlin office are woke af 🔥😍 (all of them!)

The ThoughtWorks Cologne office is bustling with activity today as everyone in Germany is gearing up for this year's Germany Annual Party 😊:awwwblob: 🎉

Personally, I broke up with a few websites already today.. how about you? 😊


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