Me: I'm sure today's going to be a normal day, like any other, nothing to see here ..
Orange Website:

my colleagues: *sobbing* You can’t just call everything Kubernetes!
me: *points at picture* Kubernetes

twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

xkcd’s take on free speech can’t be posted often enough, especially with regards to the hordes of man children, nazis and bigots on borblesite demanding for their instances to be “recognized” or listed officially..

Guess what? It’s not going to happen, because the community is showing you the virtual door.. 👋🖕

The new water dispenser at our Cologne office has a "hibernation" mode and the relevant illustration is a cute cat having fallen asleep at night 😻

me: DevOps is good for your organization, your delivery and your culture
enterprise: We already do DevOps!
me: Oh cool, show me!

This is the door of one of our meeting rooms in our ThoughtWorks Berlin offices. The city just declared International Women’s Day (8th of March) a regional holiday..

If that isn’t some super wholesome shit I don’t know what is.. ☺️

The restrooms in the ThoughtWorks Berlin office are woke af 🔥😍 (all of them!)

Good morning from Pune.

Also, you better up your Indian wedding game! 💁‍♂️🎊

The ThoughtWorks Cologne office is bustling with activity today as everyone in Germany is gearing up for this year's Germany Annual Party 😊:awwwblob: 🎉

Personally, I broke up with a few websites already today.. how about you? 😊


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