Some kernel developers now have their blogs hosted on, which is a WriteFreely instance with ActivityPub syndication. For example, try out @gregkh.

See more here:

me, after a couple weeks of working full-time from home: "really, you need a routine that lets you get into the right headspace to stay focused and get stuff done"

me, after 3 years of working full-time from home: "ok, so there are exactly 24 species of birds that visit the birdfeeder outside my window. I've named 10 of the birds, and there is one Mourning Dove, Phyllys, that is my favorite. The Wrens and Starlings are currently at war, with the Grackles taking advantage of the distraction to e

New blog post: "Advice for new bicycle commuters"

Just some stuff I've learned about bike commuting over the past year or so.

"Thanks, I didn't ask" continues to be one of the most powerful sentences I've found that I can utter

Hey people on , we've updated to Mastodon to 2.9, so if this multi-column layout feels strange to use, you can switch to a single column layout by disabling "Enable advanced web interface" in your account preferences.

Reminder that @tootapp has a custom “trans fren” logo you can select in the settings and it’s glorious

@judeswae @ckluente Also, you can flag the report so it gets forwarded to the instance administrators of the instance the user is coming from .. it's a checkbox in the report UI

The effects of the #ClimateCrisis are showing at a feverishly increasing rate & scale and they all tell us one thing: #ActNow!!!
We can't afford a single more day of #businessAsUsual - #TellTheTruth and get to work! #RebelForLife #ZeroCarbon2025

I apologize for the mild hiccups this morning as I was upgrading our instance to 2.9.0 ..

Turns out Terraform still doesn't like expiring AWS secure tokens one bit.

We're all good now though, no data has been lost .. so, keep on tooting! 🎉 🐘

Everyone is hating on windows on my TL but idk personally I like having natural lighting in my house

Aaaand we're done!

This server is now running on 2.8.4, and with it .. polls! 🎉

Do you like the new release?

I'm going to upgrade our server to 2.8.4, which may result in some downtime .. so please bear with me 😃

so my first proper vlog is up! and it's about... #mastodon!

as ever comments on the actual video appreciated - and shares offsite too, so we can try and bring more people over ^^

This is a sobering and humbling piece to read about tenure and its implications in software development:

gab, invidious 

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