@judeswae @njoseph_1 there are two levels of abstraction here: the Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which is underlying foundation for the EC2 instance the service is running on, and the Mastodon container from the Docker Hub we’re using to run the actual code.

Both of them need to kept up to date. For the container we rely on the upstream maintainers of the container image, but for the AMI we have to do it ourselves.

Continuously rebuilding the AMI ensures we’re always running the latest updates

@kfleerko @judeswae There's a fork of Mastodon that allows for "instance only" toots to be shared, however, we are not running that fork, unfortunately. So no, that is not possible, all content posted here is explicitly public.

"Unlisted" does not appear on the public timeline, but is visible to everyone still, via the API.

Jfc apparently the “accessible” captcha for creating an outlook account is listening to three songs and picking the saddest one, ten times in a row

@njoseph_1 @judeswae As an example, this very instance relies on a base image (AMI), which gets rebuilt continuously (every Tuesday at 9am UTC), which then automatically triggers a redeployment of the instance the server runs on ..

I can avoid the costly process of update management this way, while still being able to intervene if necessary (i.e. the deployment fails)

@njoseph_1 @judeswae i.e. in the best of cases this would've been a small bump to an underlying base image;

Unfortunately, Java folks still love to rely on artifacts they build themselves (and even store themselves!; hello Artifactory/Maven) instead of relying on better alternatives (multi-stage containers as artifacts)

@njoseph_1 @judeswae To me, this is much more a delivery issue rather than an issue of Java per-se.

If you inherit your base images from a secure foundation it doesn't really matter what type of language you're using, but your release process has to be triggered continuously upon an update down the chain. Most microservice architectures don't observe this principle because they haven't solved the distributed complexity of independent releases yet ..

Right now you’ll need an extra click for signing into this instance. It’s a known bug (because of CORS) and hopefully shall be fixed with some of the upcoming releases.

Apologies, but there isn’t much we can do.

Sorry for the short downtime. On the upside, we're now running Mastodon 3.4.4 😃

Google Suite 

- Google Chat: Hey Look, I can open Google Docs in the chat app. See, now you have side by side your chat and the doc opened.
- Me: fine. Could be interesting to use.
- Google Chat: Oh wait, there are comments in the doc. We can't show them to you. You need to open the doc in a different tab.
- .Me: ...

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