me: DevOps is good for your organization, your delivery and your culture
enterprise: We already do DevOps!
me: Oh cool, show me!

I want my npm modules to autopublish from CI.
I also want npm 2FA.
Any ideas?

Quite possibly the best piece on #brexit I've seen in a long while .. I'm still laughing ..

Drip - die OpenSource App zum Zyklustracking wurde heute erstmals als public Beta veröffentlicht. Die APK für Android gibts auf der Seite zum Download. Die Entwicklerinnen bitten um Feedback.

PS: Ein iOS-Fork existiert bereits ist aber noch nicht so weit.

@jedwards Oooooh... Really sorry to see you go. And that's a first: a goodbye message on our Mastodon instance. :blobsad:

(PS: you can setup a redirection to another Mastodon account on a different instance if you have that)

@njoseph_1 You could say it's actually "a good thing" ™️ if "Encrypted!" is the "new normal" and it'll only show you if it isn't .. ?

Thank you ! You can find my slides (and the code I used) here, get to testing your containers today! 😃

Wow holy shit, Amazon just cancelled plans for HQ2 in NYC

#ForkAwesome just reached 500⭐ on Github. And @ltran is our 500th fan. ;)

The project also reached 3M monthly hits on jsDeliver CDN.

I asked N26 (digital bank) when my new MasterCard was supposed to arrive..

Couldn’t help myself after their answer.. 😶

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