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And the conclusion: if only #mozilla were to have had to deal with this before, I’m sure they would have been more prepared this time.. right?

It would appear that wasn’t the case, because this is the second this is happening _in a row_, the last time being exactly three years ago, when the now-expired intermediary certificate was created, as evidenced by this following bug report:

Simply baffling.


PS: Thanks to for pointing out the similarities!

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#mozilla just announced in the bug report that they “should” have fixed it by extending the existing certificate’s lifetime (yes, that’s possible) and that it’s being rolled out now..

So that’s almost 9 hours to a fix? Big oof. 😵 #firefox

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@rysiek @sirmacik Looking at the bug tracker, it seems exactly the same thing happened to them three years ago, when that intermediate certificate expired the last time...

And now their Discourse instance, which people are to refer to for updates, is down as well 🙈 #mozilla #firefox

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You know, what has me concerned to most about this #firefox certificate issue isn’t that it happened.. things break, people fuck up, „Everything fails all the time“. It’s that it’s been 4 hours, and it still isn’t fixed 🤔

That’s a fairly terrible MTTR.



This is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson. High profile fash who runs away a lot

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Who would like to see a fascist with milkshake thrown in his face shortly before he went and hid in a police car

ThoughtWorks is supporting an arts residency focused on data anarchism / data anti-capitalism! I love it.
You should apply and tell all your friends!

@purism And that's not all of it. The FAQ also states that once you've reached your 1GB (basic) or 2GB (paid plan) quota, Purism is going to delete "older" messages to make room for the newly arrived content ..

Yes, they're literally going to delete your archives once you're spilling over

"How much mail can I store? How many images can I post?"
"Can legal requests from authorities see my data?"

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I would still commend @purism for the platform, however, did you know they're bound to delete any and all unencrypted data (that includes chat messages and email!) after _30 days_ as to not expose them to authorities requesting information?

While I understand the intent, you're in for a terrible reckoning once your users are losing their emails after 30, let alone their chat messages ..

It seems Purism is planning on reverting this decision/code, see As I haven't seen nor had reports of problematic behaviour from the instance I will not block it but will revisit this decision regularly (every week?) until there's either no reason anymore because they accept reports again, or because I got tired of waiting and no progress was visible. /cc @Drezil @uniporn

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You can now make your voice heard in the controversial debate around @purism disabling federated reports on their Mastodon fork with this PR trying to reinstate them:

Please boost for visibility 😘

Y'all better watch "Knock Down The House" today .. it's on Netflix, it's fantastic, watch it now:

Really not impressed with CircleCI. It's basically on par with Gitlab CI and suffers from the same shortcoming as most CI systems - they're all focused on single-repo use. I.e. I can't fan in from multiple repos to execute a given workflow/pipeline. I miss GoCD :(

Personally, I find super interesting! For a fair price you’re getting all the services you’d usually need. Excellent offering.

I think I’ll get an account as soon as my Librem 5 arrives ☺️

We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life #LibremOne

This account @todd effective today April 30th 2019 is moving to @todd Purism's new ethical services bundle. You can join me over there too...

“In Scotland, we spit the word out – ‘property’. You can’t own the land, the land owns you. What I found in England is there’s such a lack of physical space, and it’s usually upper-class-controlled. England has never recovered from the Norman conquest. That deeply embedded class system is so divisive.”

Amazing story of how the hebridean island of Eigg fought back against their feudal lords and won, the island has belonged to its community for over 20 years now. Decisions are made by consensus and the cost of living is half of that of the average "affordable housing" in the highlands.

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