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This ThoughtWorks DE lunch time brown bag presentation is really, really good. Talking about what makes good/healthy/successful group cultures. I’m thinking about several of my communities and how they’re lacking the things Daniel’s talking about.

Surprise! #Google

"Google admits workers listen to private recordings from around your house

Google claims listening to recordings is 'critical' to improving its AI voice assistant"

Keyservers are one of the most frustrating aspects of using public key crypto. They're notoriously unreliable & vulnerable to various types of flooding attacks.

Last month was launched, which is a very well-architected and collaboratively run new keyserver.

As of today, the SecureDrop team is using it for its release key. Very proud to be early adopters of this new public infra. Hopefully we'll be able to add WKD support soon, as well.

For all TootWorkers who want to verify their Mastodon account on their Keybase profile. It's a little finicky with our setup here since Okta does not forward links properly.

But all you have to do is use the command-line utility and do:

$ keybase prove <your-username>

Then copy the given URL and paste it into a window where this instance is already open and visible. That worked for me.

from now on it should be called "soccer" and "men's soccer"

Hey y'all, I took the time to write up my techbro's journey through the Fediverse in a more verbose format, that puts my arguments together in a bit more linear and rational order.

Meet Gamma. Gamma dislikes advertisement-funded social media, so comes to the Fediverse. But without the systemic bias, he finds his opinions harshly criticized. This makes him uncomfortable.

Why, and what happens next?

me a long time ago and so many people: wait there is no way to delete anything from pgp keyservers ever, including real names (of course deadnames), email-addresses and photos, what is wrong with you people and in what world do you live in

pgp: it's a feature

people: *exploit that for evil in an obvious attack*

pgp: [surprised pikachu]

If anyone works in NYC, or knows someone who works in NYC in tech and is hiring please hit me up 👍

Please boost.

Security is important to us, so we now require our employees to use a fifth auth factor, which is an interpretive dance of your choosing, to be changed every two months. #infosec #twofactorauth

I've updated our server to 2.9.2 (which is the latest release). Happy tooting! 🐘

Why did moving the mouse cursor cause Windows 95 to run more quickly? retrocomputing.stackexchange.c

"large applications that could take an hour to install could be reduced to 15 minutes with suitable mouse input."




There's a new raspberry pi:

- 3x boost to CPU performance (moving to 28nm from 40nm)
- 4x USB 2.0 ➡️ 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
- 1x HDMI ➡️ 2x micro HDMI
- Micro USB power ➡️ USB-C power
- Still at $35 for the base model (plus new memory upgrade options)

“Those who own the past data colonize the future” Laura Lindal at #euruko2019

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