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me, on my deathbed: [inaudible]
my large adult son, crying: yes, mother, what is it?
me, in his ear: my machine..... [dies]

We're running Mastodon 2.9.3 now. Sorry it took me a while, I didn't bother updating two weeks back because I was on sick leave 🤒

Happy tooting!

Our new #WebCrypt enables web apps storing #crypto keys in physical #security devices. Works with any browser without driver or add-on. WebCrypt will be introduced to upcoming Nitrokey FIDO2 device first. Interested in securing your web app with WebCrypt?

The new Apple Credit Card™️ needs to be kept away from leather or denim.. you know, as in wallets 👝, or pants 👖

Can’t wait for the official Apple Card Protective Sleeve™️ (only $69.99), protecting my Apple Credit Card™️ until my Apple Care™️ ($129 for 12 months) for my Apple Credit Card™️ runs out

Äh, welche geopolitischen Veränderungen habe ich denn jetzt verpasst, Twitch?

I am very proud to work for a company who really walk the walk when it comes to inclusivity, culture, and supporting marginalised groups. I have had an amazing year and a half at #ThoughtWorks and I'm looking forward to many more.

These pursuits will drain us - emotionally, financially, and physically. Having a supportive workplace and co-workers is so important for someone who's transitioning, and having access to 4 weeks of paid leave to pursue our gender affirmation is so incredibly empowering.

Trans and gender diverse people face many challenges just to be accepted for who we are, and to have bodies and appearances that don't cause distress. Many of us will choose to pursue therapy, medical transition, and/or surgical affirmation procedures.

This leave, which is offered as part of our new Gender Affirmation and Transition in the Workplace policy, is a first for the Australian tech industry. I believe it will make a real, tangible difference in the lives of trans and gender diverse people.

I'm genuinely excited to be able to announce that Australia now offer four weeks of paid gender transition leave to all employees! 🏳️‍⚧️

This is absolutely stunning and incredible:

I project by Emily Gorcenski

Darling: “a translation layer that lets you run macOS software on Linux”

I gave an interview to JAXenter about DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Serverless and the future of infrastructure provisioning (German only, sorry 😞):

Russian ML/face recognition startup develops algorithm + releases it in low-key beta test until it’s reliable, then ramps of marketing for exposure and suddenly gets an influx of billions of pictures, in exchange for a few pictures after having run them through an their second software package, an age simulator.

They then proceed to sell said algorithm (and the tech behind the aging/de-aging app) to interested parties (ie law enforcement, state actors etc) all over the world.

The end. #faceapp

"Illium" was another name for the city of Troy

"-ad" is a suffix that can be used to mean "the story of"

Therefore "The Illiad" is properly translated as; drumroll please...

Troy Story

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