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We have silenced the server for consistent and repeated spam/bot issues coming from their instance. You can still follow and see content from them if you are already engaged, but you won't be able to do so going forward.

We'll revisit this decision should they get a hold on their user base.

The recent Chef-ICE story hits home. A year ago DHS wrote to me, interested in purchasing Sidekiq Enterprise.

I declined; Chef's response is amoral BS.

chef, swearing 

Oh lord, they diggin’!

I. Cannot. Fucking. Believe it.

That’s probably one of the worst reactions to this crisis one could’ve ever come up with.


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chef, swearing 

Fuck me, #Chef even doubled down, without any clear justification but “but.. growth!” ..

Seriously, and I’m saying this as a former Chef user, advocate and teacher: FUCK CHEF.

Fucking disgraceful.

We recently fixed an issues with following, follower and status counts, which hadn't been tracked properly for a very small group of local users since the 2.7.0 release.

Sorry it took us so long and enjoy your up to date statistics ❤️

Töröö, liebe Mastodonmenschen! Wir sind online: ist die unabhängige Wunschliste im Netz. Kostenlos, einfach teilbar und schön! Von müden Eltern für mehr Mittagsschlaf. Und für alle, die eine Alternative zu Amazon und Google Docs suchen.✨🐘

old white dude: wrote a few pathetic bits of c decades ago, spent the rest of his life keeping a cult and being insufferable

everyone: renowned MIT scientist, inventor and ruler of free software,


But of course RMS is also going to be an absolute shitstain.

So tired of this. So tired of men in tech. So tired of men, honestly.

This never actually happens. My entire on one Zoom call at once! Props to Pawan for being up at 5am - and Sethu for getting on a call at 10pm...

i guarantee you a lot more people would probably use alternatives to corporate software if we didnt have a culture of fucking nerds defending their sacred mountain of being the most boring and predictable people on the entire earth

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fossbros be like it is everyones highest moral and sacred duty to use foss programs and then be like we cant rename a program that is named a literal ableist slur because blah blah blah THE SJWs blah blah blah people looking to be offended blah blah

Mir ist schon klar, warum Rassisten lieber "bürgerlich" genannt werden wollen. Liebe Journalisten - tut ihnen nicht den Gefallen, dieses Framing zu wiederholen. It´s a trap!

YouTuber Aki tried out every filter on a popular „face tune“ app (mainly used by Asian Instagram influencers and cam artists) and the results are freaking hilarious!

Wowaweewa. So the attack didn't even involve 2FA because they just spoofed the source phone number and sent the tweets via SMS, a process that does not involve 2FA or any other authentication.

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