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The problem with Google reCAPTCHA is that when I get it wrong, it doesn't tell me what I got wrong. How do I get better at being human?

I'm sorry for the outage this morning .. it was likely caused by an issue at the DNS level, originating from ThoughtWork's DNS provider UltraDNS.

All we could do was wait for the issue to resolve itself unfortunately. Happy tooting.

If you're ever wondering how to console me when antisemitism has me down, talk to your coworkers about forming a union, talk to your neighbors about how you'd have there back during the revolution, sticker your neighborhood with anticapitalist and antifascist propaganda. Build the World to Come with me.

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In a way, when we do Gd's work in the form of justice and kindness, we are embodying the Messiah and building the World to Come.
Franz Kafka put it like this, "The messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival."

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The last words we sing in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur are "Next Year in Jerusalem". It's a prayer for the coming of the Moshiach. It's said that the messiah will come because of our righteous actions, through us repairing the world with justice and kindness.

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We hit another milestone on Patreon!! Holy shit!! That means even more perks for patrons!! Once I get over this chest cold I'll start recording an audiobook of Jovian Flesh & Fauna and one recorded poem from that a month will be posted to Patreon! That's 2 new poems + a new recorded poem every month!! What a great time to become a patron at

HEAR ME READ POETRY LIVE **TONIGHT!!!** 7pm at The Wooden Shoe, 704 South St, Philadelphia, it's the Proletarian Poetry Party babey!!!

Direct Action 101:

"After homeless people's sleeping area is blocked with rocks to prevent them from sleeping there, people in German city get together to help, carry rocks to the city hall as a protest and completely rid the sleeping area from rocks."

Habt Ihr schon unser neues Feature auf der Seite entdeckt? Ihr könnt jetzt Wünsche und ganze Wunschlisten kopieren 🙌✨🐘

Sorry Berlin, the ThoughtWorks Munich office has a nice shiny piano and I guess this is my home office now.

reddit, shell v golang 

Also, the point of using shell scripts is they are portable and work pretty much anywhere. If you need a compiler and/or toolchain installed to run your helpers.. what’s the point? Might as well use Python (which ships pretty much anywhere) or Ruby.

Or, you know, the shell. 🤷‍♂️

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