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Just pick 10 popular apps and learn: Nearly everything connected to an ad network is part of a massive illegal collection of user data.
EU should fine everybody involved: App authors, shops, brands, platforms, ad tech and news outlets.

Aaron Swartz

Heute, am 11.Januar 2013, ist sein Todestag. Vor sieben Jahren wurde er in den den Tod getrieben.

Today, 11th Jan., is the anniversary of his death. Seven years ago, he was driven to his death.

#RIP. You will never forget.
aaron #swartz #AaronSwartz

The big thing of having running Mastodon v3 is that people can now transfer their account more easily from one instance to another.

So if one of our employees leaves , they can bring their fediverse followers with them to their new employer's instance.

Also, if you have already an account with your current employer and decide to join ThoughtWorks, you can bring that account with you.

Of course, your previous or next employer needs to run v3 or higher ;)

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Thanks to the love and care from @mheiber, is now running on the latest Mastodon 3.x.x version.

Thank you Moritz! :blobcheer:

And we're back online (with a short downtime) and on 3.0.1. Enjoy!

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Looks like a spoke too soon .. I'll have to postpone this due to Okta acting up .. sorry everyone!

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I'm going to be running our long overdue update to 3.x for this instance .. hold on to your horses, this might get bumpy. Expect turbulence and outages ..

Here's to another year of celebrating each other being into Weird Stuff.

I'm not a network engineer, I'm a relationships counselor for computers who don't want to talk to each other anymore

#MondayMotivation: Free delivery on your Fairphone 3 starting today up to and including December 23rd. 🙌
Meet the phone made with care for people and planet. It’s got everything you’d expect from a great phone — and so much more. #DareToCare

my colleagues: *sobbing* You can’t just call everything Kubernetes!
me: *points at picture* Kubernetes

OMG... I can use my Macbook's touch ID as an second factor... I'm living in the future! ThoughtWorkers - check your Okta settings page if you want to do the same :)

I just found out that people are using helmfile, which is YAML, to template a templating engine (Helm) which is also just YAML with an integrated Golang templating engine ..

Please kill me now.

Hier übrigens mal ein gelungenes Beispiel für eine subtile SVG-Animation:
Auf der Steiff-Webseite "schläft" der Bär im Header, wenn nichts passiert und guckt ganz posierlich durch die Gegend. 😌
#ui #ux #svg

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