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It's surreal .. with the pandemic, everything you do right will never be noticed, yet all your mistakes might cost you dearly and everyone will be on the fence ..

Never had I thought to see the day where the job I have been doing for such a long time hits reality as harsh as today 🤔 #sysadminlife

For y'all complaining about Zoom .. Skype for Business has a "Web App" which needs to have a Windows MSI installed to actually work :blobfacepalm:

If you're feeling lost right now, and you want to know what to do. How do we organize now? A comrade in the communist collective I'm in put together this really good introductory text compilation that I HIGHLY recommend you read:

It's only 54 pages, it's not dense, it's very accessible. You can read it all in 1-2 hours and you will feel a lot more prepared afterward. It's worth your time whoever you are, I promise.

me after a shower: *carefully drying myself off in the shower with a towel, open up shower door for a second, stepping on discarded towels and laundry while tip-toeing through the bathroom as to not get everything wet*



A nice summary of Microsoft and Bill Gates abusive business practices, for those too young to remember:

don't use april fools as an excuse to just be an asshole 2020

I'd love for PERC to get a boost in standardization efforts while folks are (rightfully) criticizing the lack of end to end security of popular video conferencing services ..

I've accidentally left two meetings early today now because my brain from yesterday evening though it would be a good idea to untick the box that said "Ask me to confirm when I leave a meeting" in Zoom ..

My apologies to my colleagues 🙈

In case you're wondering, yes, of course we're running the latest Mastodon security update 3.1.2 (have been for a few hours).

TootWorks is safe™️

Lovely colleagues, we're taking the dive towards Mastodon 3.1.1 in a few short moments to prepare for the impending security patch on Thursday .. shouldn't cause any downtime 🙂

I want a social media place where people talk about themselves and the thing they dream of, maybe complain about their failing mental health, and make shitposts. authenticity.

sooo i guess mastodon is my home

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uspol, birdsite 

I think this election cycle has put the final nail in the coffin for me re:Twitter

"ThoughtWorks Technology Radar has been tracking what's hot and what's not in tech for a decade. Join in the 10-year celebrations"

feeling positive about computer programming, might delete later

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Sexism at GitLab 

Disappointing to see from a company that claims to value diversity, but unfortunately par for the course among tech companies.

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