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You know has failed when every message starts with @here or @channel

We need acid tests for ethics in and .

Anyone knows of any open source/research initiatives in that field?

Hey is hiring a Senior Infrastructure Consultant ( ) in or .

Wanna join us or know anyone interested?

This is an excellent article about disabling _a_ camera attached to your laptop (as opposed to _all_ cameras, as most articles do) using udev on Linux. I used it to get rid of the IR camera (for "Windows Hello") that's essentially useless for me, safe for messing with my video conferencing settings all the time:

"what have you been reading these days? Any interesting sci-fi?"
me: "GDPR enforcement notices. way more surreal that sci-fi"

And we're done!

PostgreSQL 12.4 ✅
db.t3.micro ✅
New DB CA ✅

Happy tooting!

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Took the first hurdle: Upgraded the DB instance's type (t2 > t3) .. on to the engine version

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Running a few database upgrades, shouldn't take long, but it might lead to interruptions in service .. hold on to your horses! 🏇

getting started with rust is exactly the opposite feeling as getting started with scala

scala... whyyyyyyy are you like that?
rust... THANK YOU, sweet baby moses this makes sense

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I am half expecting them to monetize all FLOSS repos on #GitHub only to donate the proceeds from doing so back with a blog post titled GIVING BACK TO ALL DEVELOPERS .

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Previously they of course infamously took down youtube-dl's repo with immediate effect, with no real recourse for the authors only to restore it days later and somehow spin it as STANDING FOR ALL DEVELOPERS on their blog.

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#GitHub has a serious case of 'create a problem only to be able to write a grandiose blog post about how we saved all developers from the problem we created'.

Now they've taken down a repo because it had an Iranian contributor & they were supposedly so scared of the U.S. sanctions (which amount to a medieval siege btw) imposed on #Iran and the possible penalties for them were they they to leave the repo up, only to publish a grand blog post about how they unblocked all of GitHub for Iranians.

It’s that time of the year where you touch projects you would never have touched otherwise. So I re-did my website, it’s been a long-time coming:

The answer to our 21st century energy needs has to be decentralized, independent, but connected energy production and storage (through solar, wind, thermal and water), with more reliable sources of (clean) energy (e.g. hydrogen, biomass and maybe even nuclear) to even out the inevitable spikes in consumption and production generated by the major parts of the decentralized network.

Any other system is just going to perpetuate the status quo, which got us into this mess.

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