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You will see some toots from me on Golang throughout this week.

How do you convert json into yaml? It's actually quite simple just put three dashes and a line break in front of your json and you're good to go ✅

#DOFH excuse #62:

Random script from GitHub curl'd directly into bash.

Is it worth learning C++ in 2022?

This is in the context of professional programming (i.e. for money), not programming language research or for academic courses.


Our website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!

Here's a really awesome Humble Bundle of Linux books from No-Starch Press. It's pay-what-you-want and supports the EFF and Let's Encrypt.

RxGo (reactive extensions for Go) uses native Golang channels for communication.

There doesn't seem to be a popular implementation of actor systems in Go yet. Maybe buffered channels can be used as the mailboxes for actors, which can themselves be goroutines. :blobthinking:

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When you're doing Test Driven Development on a utility that executes a lot of shell commands, you'll have to know how to mock the execution of shell commands. It's quite convoluted but works.

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Hi. In honor of #TLAPD, please have this wholesale stolen meme.

LibreOffice is now available from The Document Foundation on the Mac App Store, with a convenience fee of €8.99, which will be invested to support development of the software and our communities. (It will still be free-of-charge from our website, of course.)

We love jq for querying json on the cli but finding just the right query can be tricky. The Bubble Tea app jqp by Noah Gorstein gives you an interactive repl for hand crafting jq queries with live updating results. Now you can find just what you need!

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