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Is AGPLv3 applied to Clojure projects legally valid?

I ask because AGPL is said to be incompatible with EclipsePL.

AGPL cannot be applied to an extension of the Clojure language itself but can be applied to applications built using Clojure, right?

Spending most of my time these days learning DevOps tools that might be gone in 2 years. 😐

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(Illus @davidrevoy )

In my experience, the biggest source of unnecessary energy waste in websites is JavaScript doing some kind of polling while the page is idle. Think about it: you spend ~95% of your time on a web page not doing much: maybe scrolling, maybe typing, maybe literally doing nothing. So if there's something running during "idle" time, consuming CPU, then that will be your biggest battery drain. Especially if you're unfortunate enough to leave the tab open for a long time.

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I wonder how long I can still coast through the #IT field without any AWS/Azure/GCP certs...

“Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald, in The Great Gatsby

Looking at some Scala code this morning to improve my mood before diving into Java+Spring code.

@njoseph_1 ubiquitous video-conferencing really does drive home how much we end up relying on body language &c. (I often end up feeling very 'lost' because of the lack of this.)

Started using Pomodoros again.
Not for the focus, but for the breaks.

Just WFH things™

Is people missing old school system administration a thing yet?

What would be call it? Maybe ??

There we go... I think Spritely finally has a good looking logo!

What do you think?

Finally, here's also a very dorky photo of me and Mark standing next to all the diagrams!

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Doing interviews over Zoom. The experience is not bad but there are connectivity issues.

All information conveyed by body language is lost though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don't know how much longer this "new normal" lasts. :sigh:

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