The latest ThoughtWorks Tech Radar finally puts an end to the discussion on an urban legend among managers in the IT industry known as the "10x engineer".

The latest is out! If you don't know what it is, it's opinion on which to adopt, trial, assess or hold.

In this edition: , , , 10x engineers and many more.

The first key to fail on my mechanical keyboard of 3 years is the 1 or ! key.

Maybe it is from excessive usage of the ! key in bash.

Opened LinkedIn after three years today.

Had to click "Skip" only 8 times before getting to the messages.

Software development makes much more sense once you realize that you're not working on an assembly line but actually designing, managing, and rearranging the assembly line in real time.

🎁 GIFT IDEA: @olimex is offering a special holiday upgrade to the #FreedomBox kit: they will quadruple the memory for only 1 cent extra! Instead of 32GB, you get 128 GB storage space.

Limited quantities. Buy now!


@theprivacyfoundation thank you for hearing me out and taking it into consideration.

I feel our community has a duty to make the word "hacker" less bogged down by the "cybercriminal" connotations.

Words matter, and we can (and should) try to change its public understanding to something closer to the original meaning. For the benefit of all of us. :)

Switched back to Spacemacs. Now I'm better at using evil commands than before thanks to Doom Emacs.

In our lawsuit with ACLU, the court ruled that government’s unfettered access to search electronic devices of travelers’ entering the US violates the 4th Amendment. This protects privacy for our cell phones, laptops, and similar devices.

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