Let me tell you something about asynchronous/distributed systems...

I had this realization today and went searching if somebody wrote about it.

Software is disposable

"The truth, the ugly truth, is that nothing we ever write will be permanent."
"No, we didn't do it wrong. Yes we solved that problem. The problem merely changed."

You either finish your Enterprise Modernization project or do it long enough to see parts of it turn into legacy code that needs a rewrite.

@yarmo People have been indoctrinated into a computing world without standards.

Ofcourse you need to find a plugin to hook between any two apps you want to use! Ofcourse those apps need to be ported to every operating system! What do you mean there's an alternative?

can be a lot like gardening.

It's one upfront investment and then lots of tiny tweaks over a long time.

When life throws too many parallel projects at you, the 2-minute rule from ensures that all of them keep progressing.

So I wanted to switch from #1Password to #Bitwarden a while back, chiefly because it's worth paying for free software over proprietary one, but it turns out that at least on #Linux, the 1Password app exports to a format not supported by #Bitwarden as an import target yet.

Not sure why this new format, but being vendor locked and happy with the situation is not how I operate, so here's a quick tool that converts the 1Password for Linux export file to a Bitwarden JSON...


#DOFH excuse #38:

Condensation from cloud backup caused data center EPO.

My calendar looks like a manager's calendar today. Lots of consecutive half hour meetings.

Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

Our old Poll application had many shortcomings, including "all or nothing" edit rights where you could change other people's answers. Form addresses this by offering different roles (author, participant, auditor) making the app suitable for use in a wider range of contexts.

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Consulting can sometimes feel like working 1.5 jobs (+ free software in my case) but you'll have more people to learn from, i.e experience is gained faster.

People usually don't have the time to set goals but have the time to go around in circles.

WFH woes 

Home Internet has been down since yesterday. Working using a mobile data connection.

Must've been a serious outage at the ISP. Their customer care numbers are all busy (or they just stopped taking calls).

This happened yesterday, when there was a power outage for 1.5 hours. My laptop almost ran out of battery. I'm running too many electron apps and heavy proprietary websites on this thing.

And one of my two monitors started flickering with horizantal lines. 😭

Full page ad in today's @nytimes from @pfizer regarding global distribution of #COVID19 #vaccines
The fact that they even patented the phrase "science will win", says it all.

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