Hey, I have to install a wiki to centralize knowledge for a small project (<20 contributors). The idea here is to host documentation that may include small medias. The team is not all tech, having an embedded WYSIWYG text-editor would be nice. It's hosted on a bare-metal server I own, I can install whatever I want. (Needs to be compatible with a nginx reverse proxy).

I was about to go with mediawiki as my personal wiki is using this engine. But I actually no idea about what I'm doing and wonder if there's any other candidate.

Does mediawiki seems appropriate for this use case? Would you suggest something else?

CC @kensanata (I know you are really familiar with the whole wiki scene).

@Ninjatrappeur @kensanata

MediaWiki's Visual Editor really saves your contributors the pain of having to learn an obscure new markup syntax.

I wrote my own installation guide here.

I once wasted a significant amount of time doing the whole installation manually. I'll now recommend installing FreedomBox on the bare metal server and using its 1-click installer to install MediaWiki. Then install the Visual Editor manually using my guide.


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