Now that Firefox Send is out of Test Pilot, there's this convenient little CLI to upload your files quickly.

ffsend upload --copy mybigfile.blah

Link to the file is copied to clipboard. Paste in IMs, email etc.

There are more advanced options but using the web interface is more convenient for those.

via @bitsapien

@njoseph_1 @bitsapien
Note that Firefox Send is hosted in the Google Cloud. We discovered the HTTP header "Via: 1.1 google" when inspecting a download.

#FirefoxSend #Google #cloud #GCP /c

@Digitalcourage @bitsapien This is an excerpt from the privacy policy on

"Mozilla receives an encrypted copy of the file you upload but we cannot access the content or name of your encrypted file. By default, files are stored for a maximum of either 24 hours or 7 days. If you choose a download cap, the file can be deleted from our server sooner."

The file is encrypted by the client before being sent to Google's servers on GCP. also seems to be doing the same.

@njoseph_1 @Digitalcourage @bitsapien
Sure. Just bear in mind that #Google gets to see metadata such as IP address and user-agent of all uploaders and downloaders, which could be used to identify and track them. /c

@Digitalcourage @bitsapien I wonder what provider is hosted on. It's a similar service with client-side encryption.

@njoseph_1 @Digitalcourage @bitsapien Somewhere Framasoft write that they run their own servers in France. /c

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