Red counters on notifications are specificially designed by social media "engagement experts" to be anxiety-inducing.

We need a color which is like "you have a notification, but don't worry about it, you can see it when you feel like it".

I like how did it. In fact, there's a lot to learn from Pinafore on ethical design.

Ethical tech should let people use it with intentionality and purpose unlike the manipulative tactics of surveillance capitalist tech.

@zoe @njoseph_1 this is the correct answer imo

or, if not blue, then some sort of pastel color. or white. or whatever the primary color is.

FWIW: I noticed the same thing when I defaulted to flagging deadline days as red in my work calendar. I switched to green and the result is definitely friendlier and less angsty. :-)

@njoseph_1 I'm unfamiliar with how pinafore looks; can you share a screenshot?

@njoseph_1 also I imagine for colourblind people, red isn’t useful as a notification colour potentially?

Blue might be good?

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