Martin Odersky – A Scala 3 Update

Watching this with mixed feelings.

I like the new language features but getting tired of each new version breaking compatibility.

This is perhaps Scala's version of incidental complexity. But this upgrade cost is a small price to pay compared to Java's unavoidable and pointless incidental complexity.

@njoseph_1 meanwhile, I've been working with Clojure for around a decade now, and it's phenomenally stable. I simply can't understand how people get the energy to work with languages like Scala or Js where everything keeps constantly changing. It's like building a cadtle on shifting sands.

There's a huge maintenance cost associated with having to constantly chase breaking changes in the languages and the ecosystem.

@yogthos I haven't been doing Scala since 2016. It feels too overwhelming to pick up now.

If Scala 3 is as good as a new language, maybe learning Clojure instead is a better investment. :blobthinking:

@njoseph_1 it's really nice, and the language itself is actually quite small and focused.

Another nice aspect is that it runs on any JVM/Js runtimes, so you can use it pretty much everywhere. I haven't had a reason to touch another language in a while now.

And the workflow is really nice :)

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