Since most proprietary web applications fail to work properly in Firefox, it makes sense that FOSS web applications should be primarily developed using Firefox.


yeah, if they cut the interoperability out, the opposite side should do the same

They want a war ? They'll get it

@njoseph_1 yeeeeeeah
Here's full-time FF user and full-time web developer. FF is barely keeping up with devtools. Everything but the basic CSS is pain. At least they improved sourcemaps recently, was unusable before that.

@charlag @njoseph_1 I prefer the FF devtool for CSS and Network, but it’s way behind chromium for Javascript and “Application/PWA”.

And for browsing idk what I prefer actually

@charlag @njoseph_1 "FOSS should be marginalized even more by only working on one of the less useful browsers." Why not Opera or Edge, then?

I do my web dev in Safari, which has the best console and tends not to ship bleeding-edge features before they work. Sometimes I remember to test before release on Chrome, Firefox, & Edge. FF's always the slowest and most broken of them.

@mdhughes @njoseph_1 Safari is the most bugged browser ever, I am just working around the bug with inputs right now. I'm glad they are figuring out debugging finally.

@charlag @njoseph_1 "You're holding it wrong". Almost by definition, if WebKit does it, it's "right" and everyone else is wrong. And some of that trickles half-assed into Chrome after they figure out how to break it so Google can sell more ads, and then Firefox months or years later reads the spec and quarter-asses it.

The Safari console debugger's been there for over a decade, it's essentially the same as Xcode's.

@mdhughes @njoseph_1 yeah, when date/time pickers don't update themselves after picking the value is my fault. When IndexedDB dies and cannot be connected again it's my fault. When CSS does random shit it's my fault.
Damn chromium, how could they do this to safari

@charlag @njoseph_1 Shrug. File a bug. With IndexedDB, it's more likely you're hitting storage capacity, Safari severely restricts it and prompts the user even before that cap. Which is why I've gone entirely to electron, or storing stuff on server, or back to native code. Web storage enables ad tracking.

I doubt CSS is doing "random shit", and if you look in the Safari inspector, right-side bar shows CSS hierarchy for any element. So far I've always found that I'm the bug in my CSS.

@mdhughes @njoseph_1 no, I do not run into the storage limit. There are bugs filled even before us. They are not fixed for years (idb dies when app is going to bg and never recovers).
I see that you don't believe me but that's my experience during many years.

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