Instead of using a service like Pocket or Wallabag, why not have a simple Firefox addon that saves webpages to the local disk? :blobthinkingcool:

A Firefox addon can call an external program to save the bookmarked page. Maybe they can be saved as epubs and read using Calibre's ebook reader.

@njoseph_1 I believe the main advantage of these services is the syncronization across devices, no?

@njoseph_1 I think, the Zotero plugin could be an option for such a scenario

@njoseph_1 You can try just doing ctrl-S. It will save a kind of blob but some stuff may be missing. You can also save pages as a PDF. There are some extensions that will save as ePub but I have no experience with em.

@mathew Would be a good combination with a read-it-later folder on Syncthing or Samba.

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