Writing my first babashka script.

I'm in no hurry. Will take a month to learn enough Clojure to get it working.

clojuredocs.org is awesome! :blobaww:

How are you finding parinfer? I tried it for a while but just couldn't get used to it... I eventually switched to smartparens-mode and aggressive-indent-mode, which I found to be way more predictable and easier to work with.

@jdormit I'm still getting used to it. I have only written about 100 lines of Clojure since installing parinfer (actually parinfer-rust-mode).

I tell myself that I'll get used to following strict indentation since I'm used to Python. 🤷‍♂️

My current approach is to take care of the indentation myself and let parinfer fill in the closing parentheses properly.

The wrong inference can cause subtle bugs though. Python is better in this sense, since it complains loudly about missed indentation.

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