I recently got a tablet with a stylus.

Can somebody suggest me an F-Droid app or any free software Android app for handwritten notes?

It can either be a soft keyboard or a note-taking app. Handwriting recognition and conversion is not really necessary, but nice to have.

Saving files to a directory on the disk would also be nice, since I intend to use Syncthing for backing up the files to other devices.

Please boost.

@njoseph_1 Thanks.

I've been using Onyx's notetaking app for the BOOX (e-ink Android tablet), though AFAIU that's native to its e-ink device, and not an Android app or otherwise independently available for other devices. (I may be wrong on this.)

No experience otherwise, though if you find something that compares well against that option, it should be good.

Otherewise, I'd suggest downloading and checking out apps, and thinking through what features you want (or think you do).

Most things on android devices (including many system components) are apps

Look at the App Info tab for any app (including system apps) using
You should be able to use the share icon to get the apk file which you can install on another device

There are so many note taking apps on f-droid and more in the izzyondroid repo. Only one I can think of that supports drawing is (should get update soon)
There may well be others. @njoseph_1

I am a keyboard person, so I am not certain if it helps, but I am happy with Joplin
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