And I’m being generous when I say 8. If I sum these numbers. 5 is the most. So split your meeting attendance in group of 5 if you really need people to participate and contribute. Anything else, I’ll be checking my email or writing toots. ;)

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I have a feeling that remote meetings of more than 8 people just don’t work, if you expect "equal" participation. It feels like in the end 1 or 2 people drive the thing. 2 or 3 participate. The rest is just sitting back and... whatever.

Also, I had a mini heart attack when the screen only showed colorful pixels at the beginning, so for FP newbies like me, make sure you press firmly all corners of the screen when putting everything back together again.

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Some lint had gotten into my Fairphone 3 and I wasn't able to charge it.
I managed to open it up, clean it and reassemble it no problem, although it would have been nice that the USB type C port itself wasn't secured with star screws.

to the tune of "move bitch" 

oh shit
i'm in your way
i'm in your way

COVID vaccine 

the way COVID vaccines are being rushed through is disturbing

drugs take years to test for good reason, and it's not even been 9 months since development began

a vaccine with a high rate of adverse effects or insufficient effectiveness is worse than none

people won't trust the vaccine nor future vaccines if they fuck this up, and we have no hope in hell for herd immunity if most people don't get it

and if people can't afford it in the US, it's pointless

don't forget, the rush is primarily for profit and some idea we can make the economy magically better this way

This is a long shot. But anyone knows of companies based in the EU who work with AI/ML, with a strong focus on ethics in the domain.

If you think of any name, I’d appreciate if you could drop a comment. Thx

All my regular mentoring calls have turned into complain about the world calls

where to begin criticising the idea that suffering is something good people must go through in order to be really and truly good at all. this sounds like something people say to martyr themselves.

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