wow. haven't tooted in 6m+; Trying to learn more about mastodon under the hood. lots of possibilities!


Protip: If you use comic sans in your diagram, people like me will not take you seriously. Comic Sans -- Not even once.

Its a shame there was no MacbookPro refresh at WWDC18. I was looking forward to some new machines. Oh well, special event or September event, then.

Nice -- quick jab by Craig at FB. Very pleased that Apple is taking an adversarial stance on surveillance capitalism wrt Advertisers and Tracking. An important position to take.

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Craig restates Apples commitment to data privacy and security. Provides additional data protection APIs to MacOS. Do Not Track and 3rd party cookie blocking. Anti-fingerprinting. Its words, and action. Apple has done more than any OS/hw vendor. Its absolutely on the right track.

Im not always the most organised with my desktop. The OS automatically stacking filetypes on the desktop is a great UX, and will keep my desktop clean.

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The latest MacOS 10.14 is Mojave -- best feature, DARK MODE! Xcode dark mode, dark mode chat, dark mode email. I can get behind this feature. 😉

New in ios12, group facetime is pretty epic. Facetime is the best video calling experience available today; end to end encrypted and high quality/low latency. 32 simultaneous callers and good UI. Memoji substitution and filters in video for fun. Looking forward to talking to my parents using this.

Finally, family based profile management allowing parents to limit access to specific apps by category, specify downtime and usage. As an adult, it seems reasonable, but as a kid I think it would have encouraged me to jailbreak my device (from my parents control)!

Also, reporting and screen time. I am worried that this activity report will be damning. Especially that 'before bedtime use' report. Also, app limits, limited screen time for App. Could be useful for society.

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iOS 12 adds new personal time management features including new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime (i need this feature!), location and calendar aware DND, and notification tuning and grouping. Great UI fixes and should help us sleep better. 😉

Apple extends Siri API to applications with a new 'shortcut' option, allowing developers to expose app functionality based on the users specific voice requests, neat!

WWDC 2018 Today! So far, ARKit2, and the USDZ format are taking a major part of Apples mobile strategy re: Augmented Reality. The Lego demo AR folks always dreamed about.

I am now getting started with toot'ing. My plan is to use use this to share thoughts, ideas, concepts and URLs with folks. Please reach out if there is anything you want to discuss!


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