Had a ticket to see Mark Farina last night at a loft party and didn’t use it, major fomo today...

If you bitch about politics and don’t vote you suck. You can even write on the ballot “Hail Satan” or “They all suck.” — helping people register to vote

I hooked up my Amazon Show to our Arlo, that's all the tech I'm doing the next two weeks... just kidding

I worked this week, after our baby was born on July 26th. I am lucky that I work for a company that provides fathers six weeks of paternity. I plan on taking more paternity once our baby comes home from the NICU and when Melissa,... thoughtworks.com/careers/us#jo

To the 90s midwest rave crew assembling in Mellon Wisconsin for the 25th anniversary of Even Furthur this weekend. Have fun all!

dropbass.net/events/even-furth dropbass.net/events/even-furth

Mariano Phillip Yogore wants to share content from NICU2Home. Daddy bonding time <3

Baby came early so I got my TDAP shot. I should be hearing transmissions from the government in the next 15 minutes — at CVS Pharmacy facebook.com/648594048/posts/1

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