We invite you to the first @thoughtworks ShareIT community event on the 27th of May at 6PM(GMT+2). @al94781 will be talking about The Heart of DDD
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Want to do chaos engineering while working from home? Hire some construction workers to refurbish your apartment. Garanteed power cuts, random background noises to disrupt video calls and internet shutdowns without warnings.

It's wild how many large companies with entire UI design teams can make interfaces that are less efficient for users than individual, independent contractors were writing in the 90's.

I can't remember how I came across this excellent deck by Charity Majors (twitter.com/mipsytipsy): speakerdeck.com/charity/cd
In her nice style, I find that she delivers a very compelling message!

I miss actor systems like Erlang or Akka when I use AWS Step Functions.


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