Hello fediverse! And guten tag to everyone at #35c3 :)

We're a newly opened #hacklab in #Greece, run by a #nonprofit #autonomous #collective as a #radical, #communityrun space in #Exarchia #Athens for people to learn, share, organise, and create together.

Some of us are currently at #35c3, DM if you want to chat!

#introductions #nonhierarchical #anticapitalist #hackerspace #hacklabs #hackerspaces #ccc #fablab #makerspace #introduction #hacker #maker #hackers #makers

- looking for feminists and queer activists who know a bit about twitter who might be able to help me with a piece of activism 🏳️‍🌈

- at the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof with some time to kill, anyone want to grab a beer and make a new friend? 🍻

I like Off-The-Record. I really think deniable, private chatting is /important/.

But I'd really like to see more clients support an easy to use non-repudiable mode that all participants in a chat have to opt into (i.e. if not everyone has the same repudiation/privacy preferences there is simply NO CHAT.) so, for example, open organizations can have committee meetings and whatnot in ways that have been verifiably non-doctored.

My day of listening to for her 60th birthday at work has changed to 😢

If you know anyone in the UK who wants to go to #44CON but can't afford it, please help by spreading this: 44con.com/44con-assistance-tic

We're offering free tickets including accommodation to those that need it, courtesy of Microsoft and Google.

Today's mission: Sort out visa and photos for my upcoming trip to ThoughtWorks

Tooting from ThoughtWorks! Thanks to whoever set this up for setting it up


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