I'd completely forgotten about this...! And only stumbled upon it looking for something else on Spotify...

(Daisy Chainsaw!)

@kvhaast and I went to MacDevOpsYVR to talk about Mac management, -pillars and -cream youtu.be/0J5PulC6zlY

...and had a great time doing so :)

"Actually, it's only Agile if it comes from the Agile region of France. Otherwise it's just [bad] Project Management with fancy names for meetings."
-- @nickfarr
😂 👍

One blissful week off work (with a quick trip to AWS Summit London in the middle) and I appear to have forgotten how to do _everything_ - AND there's no real tea in the London office, only decaf!

Actually, what _should_ I be using to try to build standalone Windows executables from Python scripts? At the recommendation of @pduldig I'm trying Nuitka...

I'm a glorified shell scripter really, playing with ... and all of a sudden I find myself compiling things...

you've no idea the relief I'm feeling when I discover my compiled code doesn't work and I have no idea why...

Really impressed with this tidy page redesign for our new MDM vendor SimpleMDM... simplemdm.com/

(have you enrolled yet???)

So... today is our MDM go live day for the UK. So - UK ThoughtWorkers - have you enrolled your Mac yet?

It’s time for London Apple Admins, a group I co-organise... we’re live streaming this evenings meet up: youtu.be/tWBgrcgs1wU


(Videos should be online at some point in the future...)

I'm trying to use a vanilla Windows 10 laptop. It's the first time I've used Windows in anger for probably a couple of years, and I am STRUGGLING...

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