So, I updated my Mac to and now it kernel panics every 15 minutes or so... :( How was your Thursday?

@squirke Congrats. That did not take long ;-p

Btw, I read in your post that you are on Keybase. Did you know you could prove your mastodon identity with it now? Really easily also.


@judeswae To be fair, I probably spent longer on the blog post than the forensics... I'd posted something on Currents internally first - but as it's not available to everyone yet - I figured I'd share on my personal blog too. I mean otherwise think of my Mastodon followers on the edge of their seats, wondering what was happening with my upgrade drama... ;)

@squirke I truly thought you went back to pen & paper since all this time. Or that we had lost contact with you because everytime you initiated an email or a chat, your kernel went into panic mode. :)

Great that you post this info publicly first though. I support that workflow. :)

@judeswae Well - I really *did* want to fix rather than just nuke and pave... and wanted to share just in case anyone else ends up with a sad Mac post update. It also prevents my personal blog from feeling too neglected... (wanders off to create a YouTube channel - like the cool kids all do)

@squirke Haha. Don't do the youtube channel. :D It's bad for the planet. And there is a growing movement of people who claim tutorials should always be in text. :)

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