Well that's mildly exciting... Just built my first Universal Binary on - and it might even still work...

(Why Microsoft make setting up Cloud Agent choices so hard is beyond me though...)

Target disk mode! There’s a blast from the past... but with added Thunderbolt 3

a Gameboy Advance will run original Gameboy software... I’d never thought to try cos the cartridge size was so different... but Wikipedia said so, so I thought I’d try it. Why I have an old Advance and a Gameboy cart to hand is a bigger question about my life choices...

Jury rigged the lights I got at Christmas (yes, I know I know...) and my home office basement is transformed! Who needs daylight anyway???

This never actually happens. My entire on one Zoom call at once! Props to Pawan for being up at 5am - and Sethu for getting on a call at 10pm...

Really impressed with this tidy page redesign for our new MDM vendor SimpleMDM... simplemdm.com/

(have you enrolled yet???)


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