Thursday... writing code using a laptop again for the first time in a long time... whilst working my way through the Sparks back catalog - currently on "Kimono My House"

Feeling like a real developer today... had the solution... and it worked! Code deployed successfully and I'm a happy bunny :)🐰

Presented at my first remote meetup last week...

I think I miss interacting with folks IRL - but a Zoom meetup feels like a reasonable substitute. And everyone needs more time on

Twenty Years of Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.0 was released March 24, 2001. Twenty years ago today.

The PowerBook, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are obviously big steps along the way from Apple as a 'beleagured,' minor computer maker with an uncertain future to the $2 trillion tera-corp they are today. It is easy to focus on the hardware. But Mac OS X was at least as important.

Back then, it was essential that Apple mo

New game:

Linux Battleships

Players SSH into each other's machines and take turns guessing process IDs to kill; last machine standing is the winner

Oh - and it's not like I've got an ARM Mac to test it on yet... but the app still runs on Intel :)

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Well that's mildly exciting... Just built my first Universal Binary on - and it might even still work...

(Why Microsoft make setting up Cloud Agent choices so hard is beyond me though...)

make your password something innocuous like "yeah i'm ok with tuesday" so if you accidentally type it into a chat window, it's not immediately obvious as a pw

@judeswae I'm a luddite still using Jekyll - but having taken a look at Zola, I now _need_ to build a site using this theme...

Just booked my virtual seat for - the most 2020 conference possible...

I'm always impressed when the automation I built to deploy my blog posts to prod *actually* deploys my blog posts to prod... despite the fact that's the whole point of the automation being there! (and yes, I logged in to WATCH it build because I still can't believe it'll work) (new post about scooter fail here: )

Target disk mode! There’s a blast from the past... but with added Thunderbolt 3

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