I'm always impressed when the automation I built to deploy my blog posts to prod *actually* deploys my blog posts to prod... despite the fact that's the whole point of the automation being there! (and yes, I logged in to WATCH it build because I still can't believe it'll work) (new post about scooter fail here: blog.quirke.org/helix/carb/fai )

@judeswae Sounds good to me... (asks Slack to remind me to check with you later...)

@judeswae Oh! "This" I *knew* there was something I meant to be doing this morning. Thanks for the reminder... ;)

a Gameboy Advance will run original Gameboy software... I’d never thought to try cos the cartridge size was so different... but Wikipedia said so, so I thought I’d try it. Why I have an old Advance and a Gameboy cart to hand is a bigger question about my life choices...

(If you've not used it, the Pico-8 is an emulator for a console that never existed. It has a 128x128 resolution, 16 colours, and a strictly limited number of operations per frame to simulate a ~SNES-era CPU.)

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Picking version names for your software doesn't need to stifle your creativity... github.com/sheagcraig/yo/relea

(The Hair of Whitesnake?)

So now my home IS my office... and I live on calls... I can have a Zoom for Home, er, Office, er something...

Bonkers (in the best possible way):


Not just if you’re a video game fan—great site design, too.

Trying to get working in VMWare Fusion is all kinds of painful. And long winded. And annoying. And unreliable. At least so far. I can't wait for the new VMWare Tech preview... appleinsider.com/articles/20/0

Finally decided to investigate why my raspberry Pi webserver has stopped responding... I/O error, dev mmcblk0, sector 1635628 - she's dead Jim... :( -nginx

Apple's is coming... and apparently you'll want this app apps.apple.com/us/app/apple-de to make the most of it. I'm really excited I get to "attend" this year. (who needs sleep anyway?)

- I can open a terminal window from within VIM using the :term command - and then typing exit kills the terminal session and takes you back to VIM. Smart!

Moving to zsh – MacAdmins 2020 Campfire Session
Notes and links for my "Moving to zsh" presentation at the MacAdmin Campfire Sessions 2020.

Presentation SlidesPresentation VideoAll videos of the MacAdmin Campfire Sessions 2020

I have turned this subject into a book: reworked and expanded with more detail and topics. Like my other books, I plan to update and add to it after release as well, keeping it relevant and useful. You can order it on the

@judeswae what can I say... I've been a bit distracted over the last few months. I still pop by every now and again though... but it's nice to be back. :)

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