Why aren't Vega and Vega Lite more popular? I find it absolutely wonderful to use and only on very rare occasions has it been hard for me to make something I've wanted. I think it ought to be on the Tech Radar.


Is it possible for a republic to go hidden on Mastodon? Think Themyscira and Wonder Woman. I want to have a setup where I have a federation of republics, but they are hidden to the outside world. Is that possible? @mheiber @effye @egrasmed

If we were not toot.thoughtworks.com and further "sub-federated" as toot.tw-uk, toot.tw-india etc, how differently would that work?

Is there an open source self-hosted clone of write.as/ ? I'm interested in a system that offers minimal authoring abilities and has a social-network flavour to it. Any ideas?


A Mastodon instance running on Thoughtworks infrastructure for its employees to interact with the Fediverse.