@njoseph_1 I'm actually doing the opposite. Interesting articles are moved from ttrss to wallabag. 😂

@judeswae This thing is really concerning.

I know people are trying to make a fully functional and private internet on top of the existing internet (Tor, MaidSafe, etc.), but this has been a level playing field as the communication channels were owned by telecom companies.

Google captcha anyhow blocks half the internet for users using Tor or blocking cookies. They might stop requests at a packet level with owning the infrastructure.

This just might make a mess out of the entire internet.

What kind of a world have we built where we have to justify, in writing, something as natural as parents visiting their children? That’s exactly what I just had to do so my Turkish parents can get a visa to visit me in Ireland. Here’s the letter of invitation I just wrote.

@njoseph_1 This was crazy!! Thanks for tooting about this extension.

@njoseph_1 Nice article. Here's something similar, basically talking about how not to spend much time on things you won't use in your career.


How is MacBook Pro "Pro"? I have to run Visual Studio in parallels and the lack of Home/End/PageUp/PageDown troubles me to no limit.

Didn't know that Nightly by default doesn't share profiles with other Firefox installations.
Just chucked Vivaldi and installed both Firefox & Nightly on the same machine.

"We are told that cars are about freedom of choice. But every aspect of this assault on our lives is assisted by state planning and subsidy. Roads are built to accommodate projected traffic, which then grows to fill the new capacity. Streets are modelled to maximise the flow of cars. Pedestrians and cyclists are squeezed by planners into narrow and often dangerous spaces"

check out "Cloud Firewall", a #BigTech blocker by Gokulakrishna Sudharsan that was inspired by Kashmir Hill's series and Dhruv Mehrotra's VPN: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

[conversation with search internet]

me: what is gradle?
- 5 minutes later -
me: why do i need a build tool?
- 2 minutes later -
me: fine, just tell me how to use gradle

It's really frustrating how much we could self-host the internet but can't because consumer ISP service is intentionally broken

OK, this is my favorite thing SlateStarCodex has ever done: slatestarcodex.com/2019/03/04/

presenting true facts like they're insane conspiracy theories. what if Obama... ISN'T FROM AFRICA AT ALL? what if the GOVERNMENT had a SECRET RESEARCH PROGRAM to reach THE MOON in the 1960s?

The show how 1. any information is more appealing when presented as SECRETS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW and also 2. a lot of true facts about the world are pretty weird.

The red MSpaint arrows are a nice touch.

stallman's hottest computer take is

"The most powerful programming language is Lisp. If you don't know Lisp (or its variant, Scheme), you don't know what it means for a programming language to be powerful and elegant. Once you learn Lisp, you will see what is lacking in most other languages."

A first look at Rust's LSP seems pretty fast! Faster than manually working with Racer mode.

Given that I superficially used Java's LSP for Emacs and found it to be pretty interesting for smaller (4-5 files) project, I've high hopes for Rust.

Came to know about it from this post:


on scale:

While lower class tends to cause problem in local scale (daily basis crime), it's clearly to see that the upper class (policy maker, royal family, politician, etc.) tends to cause problems in massive scale (national, global, etc.).

@egrasmed @mheiber Not willingly, I guess.

There are plenty of things going against them -- Chrome is a bulldozer and ships too fast, Google is a near monopoly, Mozilla is paid by Google to keep the latter as default search provider, etc.

But FF is the only decent (and mainstream) browser now which isn't Chromium/Blink/Webkit based and runs a decent ad blocking software.

I've tried using niche browsers like Conkeror & Qute but the former is discontinued and both lack blocking ads.

@egrasmed Hoping your question wasn't sarcastic, I'd say Firefox. It's in really good shape right now.

A nifty trick if you have a repo already and fetching a different tree (which has diverged quite a bit) is slow.
Just add the different tree as an upstream and pull.


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