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Just finished watching an excellent talk by Tim Ewald -- Programming with Hand Tools.

It's ~5 years old but absolutely makes a lot more sense now.

The tools that we use changes the way we think about problems. So adding more of them just complexifies and hides the actual problem.

Setting up my machine to use Parcel (which is the new bundler apparently; webpack ruled when I stopped doing web development) and it is downloading 709 dependencies.
Oh boy! I remembered the leftpad controversy.

Just copied the ssh key of my new laptop to my vps in 5 chunks because I disabled password login and copying long stuff over console in a DigitalOcean droplet results in gibberish.

Add to that random crap that systemd prints on the tty every 10-30 seconds and I had to edit file, paste the chunk, save it, exit vim, wait for crap, clear screen, and repeat.

And we're in 2019.

I stopped using the Swiftkey keyboard in Android after it was purchased by MS. Then life did a full circle and I started using Google keyboard. Now back to Swiftkey.

The options of good keyboards in Android are pretty limited.

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Switching between Mac and PC keyboard is more difficult than switching between left hand driving and right hand driving.


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