Did an interview with the cool folks at Sprkl where I talked about pair programming a lot sprkl.dev/developer-productivi

Lawfare's podcast is a great summary of what's happening with Twitter and the possible future of Mastodon/Fediverse's decentralized social network

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If anyone ever asks you to self-certify anything more complex than what you want for dinner, refuse, and then consult a lawyer.

When you forget to set your private key to read-only and SSH yells at you about it being unprotected

I have a weakness for metaphorical and philosophical takes on software development, so I loved this podcast on the Basal Cost of Software, with discussion lead by Georgina Giannoukou. thoughtworks.com/insights/podc

My colleague Julien Deswaef explains why organizations should run their own Mastodon server, so that they can control their own channel of communication


I've been covering technology since the 90s (and using the internet since the 1980s, before there was a web 😏) and have to say I have never seen anything like the high speed mass migration to Mastodon from Twitter. These things generally happen as a drift not a sudden avalanche and it's extra-amazing that at this highly commercial moment in internet history, it's to a decentralised, free and open source software-based community. It's just 🤯 (in a good way)

It’s funny how different the mood is on the two apps.

Here, people are excited and curious, helping each other figure things out, making connections, offering advice, re-assembling communities & networks, and an overall optimism about non-corporate social media.

Back on birdapp, it’s a mix of gloom and doom combined with comments about how awful Mastodon is.

Maybe this will combust, implode, fail, and be forgotten. But I’m glad we’re here together, now. #TwitterMigration

It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gone from “What the hell is Mastodon?” to “Maybe I should start a Mastodon server?”

Well it looks like I'm here too now. Hi everyone - really hope this takes off :blobpopcorn:


A Mastodon instance running on Thoughtworks infrastructure for its employees to interact with the Fediverse.