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ThoughtWorks is supporting an arts residency focused on data anarchism / data anti-capitalism! I love it.
You should apply and tell all your friends!

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I'm a glorified shell scripter really, playing with ... and all of a sudden I find myself compiling things...

you've no idea the relief I'm feeling when I discover my compiled code doesn't work and I have no idea why...

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Volume 20 of the ThoughtWorks Techradar is out .. and it's a good one!


Tech radar is released!
(this time, we have Thai translated version as pdf! yay)


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What's the most *innovative* programming language from the last ~30 years?

I ask because I look around, and it seems like so many—admitidly great!—recent-ish programming languages are just remixed/polished versions of old ideas. #rust, #go, #Clojure, #kotlin; they all seem to be bringing the old ideas in a more polished form.

Compare that to the 60s or 70s, with crazy experiments like #APL or #Forth. Where's the Forth or APL of the last few decades?

Am I missing something *truly* innovative?

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this channel become my favorite continental philosophy video essay

check out the latest one.
"Capitalism, Cultural Disintegration, and Buzzfeed"


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Style Dictionary - Style once, use everywhere. A build system for creating cross-platform styles.

> Style Dictionary is a build system that allows you to define styles once, in a way for any platform or language to consume. A single place to create and edit your styles, and a single command exports these rules to all the places you need them - , , , , , files, style documentation, or anything you can think of.

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My colleague Kief Morris is curating the website "Infrastructure as Code", modeled after his book by the same name: infrastructure-as-code.com/

Also, he just made the source of the site, including all the useful information open source, so people can submit PRs and suggestions for improving the material: github.com/kief/infrastructure

I find it incredibly valuable, especially as a reference material. Have a read, improve it, let's all benefit from the aggregated knowledge!

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, a global software consultancy with an arts residency based in is partnering with scatter.nyc/ and their groundbreaking volumetric video software to offer a funded artist residency focusing on volumetric technology.

Apply here: thoughtworksarts.io/open-call/

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"This conception of the way society should organise itself through federations of autonomous self-organising groups drew upon innumerable antecedents older than the nation state (...)"

Ah I see. They don't sell the alcohol drink for today. That's sad. 😥

I don't understand why people take "IQ"' seriously. It's obviously flawed. By doing some cute puzzle, it should not predict anything.

"Terroir takes time. Topography is shaped, water redirected. Rocks are removed. Soils and rocks may shape the vines, but vine roots twisting deep down for centuries also shapes the earth. Children are born. Viticulture changes. Vines are replanted as wine style change. And they are replanted again in another generation. All of this is requisite to achieve what the French consider Terroir. And thus the resulting wine is a collective achievement (...) "

- Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay

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