Today, I and my friend successfully ran the study group of abstract algebra at our office.


reading around Wardley map. Still want to get dirty with it at some point, probably have to find some case to run the workshop.

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REMINDER! Tomorrow is the deadline for our and open call!

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now I'm a fan of "the five dysfunctions of a team" book.

When things become the boring part, then you know that it's probably the right direction.

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ThoughtWorks is supporting an arts residency focused on data anarchism / data anti-capitalism! I love it.
You should apply and tell all your friends!

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I'm a glorified shell scripter really, playing with ... and all of a sudden I find myself compiling things...

you've no idea the relief I'm feeling when I discover my compiled code doesn't work and I have no idea why...

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Volume 20 of the ThoughtWorks Techradar is out .. and it's a good one!

Tech radar is released!
(this time, we have Thai translated version as pdf! yay)

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What's the most *innovative* programming language from the last ~30 years?

I ask because I look around, and it seems like so many—admitidly great!—recent-ish programming languages are just remixed/polished versions of old ideas. #rust, #go, #Clojure, #kotlin; they all seem to be bringing the old ideas in a more polished form.

Compare that to the 60s or 70s, with crazy experiments like #APL or #Forth. Where's the Forth or APL of the last few decades?

Am I missing something *truly* innovative?

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